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SANCHO & PUNTA was established in São Paulo in 2016, through the partnership between Sancho Filmes and Punta Colorada de Cinema, with the objective of sharing a production platform destined to the realization of independent projects by Brazilian and international directors.


Sancho Filmes was created in 2009 by filmmakers Michael Wahrmann, Bruno Risas and Diogo Hayashi, with the goal of developing and producing their own authorial projects.


Punta Colorada de Cinema was created in 2014 by producer Julia Alves and distributor Silvia Cruz in order to produce authorial brazilian films and co-produce promising international directors.


By combining the experience of the two companies in the process of creation, production and distribution of independent films and the presence in the international market, SANCHO & PUNTA expands the diversity of its projects and opens space for new cinematographic encounters.

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