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Punta Colorada de Cinema was founded at the end of 2014 by producer Julia Alves, who was joined by businesswoman and distributor Silvia Cruz as associate producer to the company's’ productions. By combining the experience in commercial distribution, specially of authorial films, with the production of independent projects, Punta Colorada de Cinema is engaged to promote and produce new talents of Brazilian cinema, as well as to create new partnerships with well known Brazilian and international directors.

Amongst the first projects of Punta Colorada are ELON DOESN’T BELIEVE IN DEATH, by Ricardo Alves Jr.; LOS TERRITORIOS, by Ivan Granovsky, INVISIBLE, second feature by Pablo Giorgelli (LAS ACACIAS, CANNES - Camera D'or 2011), ONCE THERE WAS BRASÍLIA, by Adirley Queirós and Lucrecia Martel's new feature film, ZAMA, co-produced by Bananeira Filmes and with associated production of Punta Colorada de Cinema.

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